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A Patriot’s Betrayal now available for your Nook

October 5, 2012

Finally got my first novel up on Barnes and Noble for all you Nook users out there. The delay was due to the fact that when I uploaded to Amazon, I decided to enroll my book in the Kindle Select Program. What this does is allow people who pay a fee each month to borrow my book at no charge. For every borrow that occurs, I get a certain cut of the total borrow pot for the month (I think it was around $600,000 per month). The more borrows, the more I make. It sounded great, so I agreed to participate. The caveat was that I could only list my book on Amazon for the 3 months I enrolled.

I think during the entire 3 month period I had a total of 1 borrow that netted me 2 bucks. Was that worth completely ignoring the entire Nook community? Probably not, but what the hell. So anyways, for anyone who has a Nook, I apologize. Fear not, for you can now run to B&N’s site and purchase as many copies of my book as your heart desires. Or you can get just one. It’s up to you.


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