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Price change (and a progress update!)

October 22, 2012

One of the ideas that I’ve seen time and again floating throughout the blogosphere is that an author needs to constantly evolve and always be willing to try a new approach to selling books. Unless you’re Stephen King, you probably have to tweak your sales approach on occasion to jumpstart things. Since APB was first published, I’ve kept the price constant at $3.99. I felt that price was fair for an unknown author, as any buyer would be taking a leap of faith, and could in fact be purchasing a pile of steaming dog turds. I know, because I’ve done that a few times myself (figuratively, of course. I’d never pay more than a buck for fresh doggie poo). Any higher and I think readers would be turned off, heading back to the pages of Amazon to find a more affordable unknown author to try. Any lower, say around 99 cents, and I think I’m devaluing the product that I spent literally years producing.

That being said, it’s time for a change. You can now purchase your very own copy of APB  for the low, low price of $2.99 per Kindle or Barnes and Noble digital copy (the hard copy is still $9.99, that’s as low as I can go and not have to pay Amazon for each book they print). I’ll keep a close eye on sales to see if this causes any sort of fluctuation and will be reporting back in a week or so. I’ve seen other authors post that this has worked in their favor, though to what degree, I can’t say. Here’s hoping.

Also, on a far more interesting front, the sequel to APB is now in the hands of my second group of beta readers. As soon as they eviscerate my manuscript, I’ll cry for a bit and then re-write it, which would bring me to draft #3. If all goes as planned, I should then be sending it off to the editor for final revisions. Finish that, implement changes, and it’s off to the formatting guru who also does my covers. With luck I should have the sequel out sometime in December, just in time for the mythical “holiday rush” that should send sales numbers skyrocketing. Seeing as how this will be my first go round with a holiday sales season, I’m not holding my breath. Enough to buy a cold case of pumpkin beer would make me happy.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Halloween to all.

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