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TCV Available in hard copy

January 3, 2013

Just found out that my newest book is available for sale on Amazon, so stop over and pick up a copy or 3 for all your closest friends. It took a few days longer to get it through the approvals process than the ebook, but everything seems to be in order now.

Today, while I was editing my next manuscript, I found myself daydreaming, wondering why it’s come to pass that ever since I started writing, my time spent reading has dropped precipitously. It made me realize how hungry I am for a new book to read, to spend some time away from the computer and with my Kindle, taking in a new book. I’m wondering if this will have a recharging effect on my writing, which I love to do, but gets tiresome.

As such, I’ve resolved to spend a few of your dollars on a new book and take a couple days off from the editing process. Not sure which author I’ll be reading, but the thought of sitting back and reading for pleasure instead of editing my own sub-standard content is awesome. Hopefully this time away from writing, from creating my own content in my style will refresh my creative juices, because from what I’ve seen revising my manuscript so far, things are getting ugly.

So, friends, I hope you get a chance to check out my newest book, and if you like it, consider leaving a review. Hope everyone has had a great New Year so far.

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